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Ban appeal  

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I understand that I was banned for a reason and your only enforcing the rules as an owner but why is that I got permanently banned and t3 didn't EVEN get a warn I feel like this was unjustified/unfair, Is there a way to Get less extreme punishment I'm willing to wait if I have to and this is the only server I play, I never meant to be rude to other players/Staff, I will try to be nice to others.


Posted : 13/06/2020 6:08 pm
Member Admin

You ran out of warnings; eventually all corrections add up to a ban; we can't endlessly warn players. Many players take advantage of niceness if there's no eventual followup to a list of wrongdoings. If they always get away with breaking rules, it isn't fair to the rest of the community, who just came to play and have fun.

You were warned by me personally that you would be permanently banned next if we ran into more issues. I told you that in pm's just 5 days ago.
And talked to by at least one other staff member for similar in pm's recently as well.

If it was your first or even second offense, we'd have probably not even /warned you, which is why Teriyaki didn't get an official warning; I showed the same leniency towards them as I did you the first several times you'd spammed/caused unnecessary tensions in open chat on our server. And honestly I was so upset about having to ban you in the first place, that my brain hadn't even registered Teriyaki's part in yesterday's exchange between you two until he/she mentioned it.

You're giving and sometimes helpful to others, and I see that. Niceness isn't your issue - you at the same time bring a lot of negativity to chat that I personally let go normally, but it comes down to what the rest of the community thinks and feels as a whole. If over a handful of different players who don't even play together are coming to me with the same complaints about a player, I have to eventually address it.

It broke my heart to ban you yesterday. I didn't do it lightly. I know you know better, and I feel you are a part of our Hollowtree family. And to be honest, I was a lot like you at your age. I get you, more than you  know, when maybe a lot of others just don't.
I can't keep a player on my server that causes others to leave for good, disrespectful/spammy or in any other way abusive to the /rules repeatedly, without at least making an effort to change.

If I see a final apology from you, I will consider turning this into a 7 day tempban. It would be your last warning though, and any more rule breaks/negativity from you in chat is going to result in a permanent ban from the server, no appeal.

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Posted : 14/06/2020 2:12 pm