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[Closed] Example Application  

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Staff application template:

-Full in-game name:
> Steve, the minecraft default skin.
> 11
-Which proxy server are you primarily wanting to staff on?
> Honeytree
-Current rank(s) in game:
> Ant
-How often could you be on per week and at what time zone?
> 24/7, Minecraft is literally my life. I exist in all timezones.
-Experience level - have you been or are you currently staff on other server(s)?
> Not at the moment, but I like to think that I know more about Minecraft than anyone besides Notch.
-If so, what rank(s) and for how long?
> N/A
-If so, what duties did/do you have?
> N/A
-What plugins are you familiar with using from a staff-side perspective?
> I prefer Vanilla to be honest, but I'm willing to learn!
-Why would you like to be staff on this server?
> Hollowtree is such a great community!
-How long have you been on Hollowtree?
> About a month
-Were you previously a member of Hollowcraft December 2014 - May 2018? Hollowcraft donator?
> I was not
-Any indiscretions (Ever been muted/jailed/banned on Hollowtree)?
> Never, unless you count that one time that I upset Cali and she set me on fire then threw me off a cliff... But that was just once I swear!
-For staff applicants: If someone said nasty things to you or about you, family, or friends after you corrected them on a rule, how would you handle it?
> With a diamond sword, strength potion level 2, and pain!
-If you got into a spat with a fellow staff member as staff, how would you handle it?
> To the death!
-If others on the build team disagreed with your build in a team project but offered to save it/store it for a later project, or criticized your work, how would you handle it?
> Lots and lots of TNT and redstone..
-Donated yes/no?
> No
> Please don't take these answers too seriously as this is simply a template. We want you to put honest thoughts, effort, and time into your application.

Good luck!