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[Closed] FreeTacoBro's example application!  

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-Full in-game name: FreeTacoBro the giver of Tacos!

-Age:  20 years young!

-Which proxy server are you primarily wanting to staff on? I primarily reside on Honey-tree, however I'm universal! 

-Current rank(s) in game: I am currently an Architect+ 

-How often could you be on per week and at what time zone? Roughly 10-15 hours a week! Typically after midnight EST

-Experience level - have you been or are you currently staff on other server(s)? I have been staffing with Cali for the last 6-7 years!

-If so, what rank(s) and for how long? Admin/Architect+ for >7 years 

-If so, what duties did/do you have?  Primarily I have always been a community oriented member of staff, player relations, cashing in tokens, answering questions for plugins and such are right up my alley! 

-What plugins are you familiar with using from a staff-side perspective? I have used a lot of CMI, World Edit, Chat Control, Litebans just a few I can think of!

-Why would you like to be staff on this server? I would love to be staff on this server because I genuinely appreciate the community we have here and I would love to be able to help those in need. Hollow Tree is more than a game, it's more than just minecraft. Hollow Tree is a community brought together by the hard work of Cali and her Staff team. It would be an honor to be able to invest my time and knowledge to assist in keeping Hollow Tree the safe enjoyable and fun server it is now!

-How long have you been on Hollowtree? I started off on Hollow Craft in 2014 and continued ever since! (Of course with some small breaks!  😉 )

-Were you previously a member of Hollowcraft December 2014 - May 2018? Hollowcraft donator? Indeed I was! and I donated!

-Any indiscretions (Ever been muted/jailed/banned on Hollowtree)? Negative ghost rider!

-For staff applicants: If someone said nasty things to you or about you, family, or friends after you corrected them on a rule, how would you handle it?  As a staff member of the server it is your duty to help keep Hollow Tree a clean safe and fun place for people to play, if someone is continuously being disrespectful regardless of who it is directed at it should be handled swiftly and with your utmost professionalism. Use your discretion in terms of a warn/mute/tempban and remind them of the consequences for failing to follow the rules. 

-If you got into a spat with a fellow staff member as staff, how would you handle it? As a staff member it is important to remember that the way you handle things may differ from the way other staff members may handle things. If possible, when you see a staff member working a situation already don't overstep their decisions because it could present the image of having a contradicting staff team. We are to handle all situations with professionalism and as a team. If for some reason there was a spat between I and a fellow member of staff it is best to just separate yourself from them and speak to Cali about what is going on with the situation. Never overstep or argue w/ each other in public chat. If the two members of staff can have a discussion about the difference of action for a situation perhaps they could both learn something from each other, but never allow it to get heated between each other. We're all a team!

-If others on the build team disagreed with your build in a team project but offered to save it/store it for a later project, or criticized your work, how would you handle it? I'd probably criticize my build too 😉 ! On a serious note I handle criticism very well, in fact I prefer to hear it bluntly than to have it sugar coated. If I did not perform to the build standards of my build team when working on a project then the build most likely shouldn't be there, or I should at least hear my colleagues out and see what advice they have to offer. Once again we're all a team so work together as one!

-Donated yes/no? Recently no, previously yes!


Thank you for your time in reading my application! I look forward to seeing you all on the server! 

Tacos Rule! 😍 😍 

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