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[Sticky] Staff Application Requirements  

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Please read BEFORE applying


1: Read this thoroughly
2: Copy template down below
3: Go back out to Forums Main Page
4: Click "Applications"
5: Click "Add topic"
6: Paste template and answer.

Note: Only fully answered applications that meet requirements will be taken seriously.
-All ranks must be applied for in order. If you're a first time applicant, that means Builder or Helper.


-Donations are no longer required but helps score brownie points in the loyalty department
-Do not beg staff to look over your application right after applying. All applications for the position(s) that open will be read thoroughly when the time comes.
-You're welcome to apply any time even if we don't have a position open or won't for a long time! Oldest apps of those still active (most logged recent hours) on the server are read and considered first.
We look forward to new members on our team as we need them! Good luck!
-Maturity, patience, cooperation, positive attitude and good communication are the minimum fundamentals of our build and staff team. If it is apparent you are lacking in any of these, your app is not likely to be considered.


ALL rank-requirements:
- Must have joined our Hollowtree Discord and have the ability to listen in voice chat for meetings
- Must have a minimum of 100 votes in the last month
- Minimum 5 days of gameplay per month (120 hours)
- 0 Misdemeanors in the last month (no mutes or bans)
- Donator is not required but is considered


- You're applying for a VOLUNTEER staff position on a donation-based game server. Proceeds go back into the development and monthly server costs, even the owner doesn't get "paid!" It IS however, still run like a business as much as possible, so you are expected to behave professionally, just like an employee.
You're expected to show up and /vote on a regular basis. More active staff may be given your place without warning later, if not.


Rank-Specific Requirements:


- Age: 13+

- Must have 1 video positively covering our server with our IP in the description

- 100+ subscribers

- At least 10 videos relating to minecraft


Twitch Streamer
- Age: 13+
- Must have 1 video/clip positively covering our server with our IP in the description, or displayed on the stream/video.


- Age: 13+
- Minimum 2 builds built only by you on Hollowtree
- World Edit CUI mod downloaded (See pins in Discord)


- Age: 15+
-Builder minimum 3 weeks


- Age: 18+
-Architect minimum 3 weeks


- Age: 13+
-Completed Helper Application


- Age: 15+
-Completed Mod Application
-Helper minimum 3 weeks
-Not staff on another server or own your own server currently


- Age: 18+
-Completed Admin application
-Mod minimum 3 weeks
-Not staff on another server or own your own server currently


Discord Admin
- Age: 16+
-Not staff on another server or own your own server currently


Forums Admin
- Age: 16+
-Not staff on another server or own your own server currently

Staff are often expected to be able to read, learn, and familiarize with things such as this post. If you don't mention the code word "ImADedicatedStaffCandidate" in the bottom of your staff application, chances are you will not be considered for staff.

Congrats, you have a solid shot now! Just copy and paste the template posted on the "Example Application" page, make a new thread in the "Apps" section of the forums Applications container, and answer the questions as clearly, directly, and thoroughly as you can.


Staff application template:


-Full in-game name:




-Current rank(s) in game:


-Which proxy server are you primarily wanting to staff on?


-How often could you be on per week and at what time zone?


-Experience level - have you been or are you currently staff on other server(s)?


-If so, what rank(s) and for how long?


-If so, what duties did/do you have?


-What plugins are you familiar with using from a staff-side perspective?


-Why would you like to be staff on this server?


-How would you want to improve yourself as staff?


-How long have you been on Hollowtree?


-Any indiscretions (Ever been muted/jailed/banned on Hollowtree)?


-For staff applicants: If someone said nasty things to you or about you, family, or friends after you corrected them on a rule, how would you handle it?


-How do you handle working with people who annoy you?


-What's your favorite aspect of minecraft? What do you like to do most when you play?


-Give me an example of a time you did something wrong. How did you handle it?


-Donated yes/no?


-What personality traits do you butt heads with?


-Tell me about a time when you had to give someone difficult feedback. How did you handle it?


-Do you have any questions for me (Cali) about becoming staff?




Good luck!

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