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This is a new thing to the community.

Every week (or at least every few weeks), I will feature a fun discord event! These events will have you either searching for differences between pictures, creating fun stories, guessing the number of items, and much more! Typically these events will last for only a short period of time, and a new event will be announced the following week!

Tentative Schedule:
Friday: New Event announced
Sunday: Event ends at approximately 11:59pm EST.
Monday-Thursday: Event Winners announced and prizes given out.

Due to the nature of this being a weekly event, the prizes will tend to be a bit smaller than an indi-event, or other major event that’s held. Prizes may include: A small amount of money, some basic items/tools, food, and possibly some decor heads.

These events are just a fun way to add a little something more in between our already awesome events!

Discord Rules/Info
The only rule I'll enforce right now is to please keep all discussion out of this channel. If you wish to ask a question, you may, but it needs to be related to the event(s).

This channel WILL get a little spammy if there's a lot of responses. If this is annoying to see all the alerts, you may right click on the channel and click on "mute discord-events". The only alerts you'll get at that point is when you're mentioned with @.

Tune into Discord for all of the fun!