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Below are guideline for players who wish to host their own individual events.

(Officially called "Indie Events")

It would be good practice to run your event idea through an admin before building it to make sure no one else has already built something similar.

Events must be built in survival mode - you will not be given creative to build an event.
Staff may create regions for the event if they are needed. Staff will give the host $15k for first place $10k for 2nd place and 5k for 3rd if there is a need for prize money. You may give more but it will need to come from your own balance. Staff will also help the event host with creating/duplicating shulker boxes for all players who attend event.

Events will need to be hosted outside of the normal event schedule at a time to suit you but please leave an hour gap before or after to give people a break. Exception is Wednesdays which is set aside for random and/or Indie events.
Indie events (apart from those at normal Wednesday timing) will not be counted towards monthly player totals.

Event will need to be fully operational with basic player commands. Don't rely on staff commands to host it for you.
Event will need to be run by just you (and friends) - staff will help whenever possible but don't rely on this.
Events should last for at least half hour with a maximum time limit of an hour.
You may use the /warp event but admins+ will need to set this for you.

If you wish to run an Indie event please speak to admin an admin to make sure nobody else has one scheduled.
You may do an @everybody in general discord letting people know you will be running the event but only once and within 6hrs of the event.
You may create a countdown timer for discord using the following link
You may ask staff to do announcements and alerts in-game for you leading up to your event.
When advertising your event it is best to use "in 2hrs from now" rather than "at 9pm gmt" Reminder: we are all in different time zones.

Your Indie event, if you wish, may become an official event that counts towards the monthly tournament with you continuing to host it if you can show that you are able to commit to the time slot that you set yourself on a weekly basis.

All Indie events must be approved by elaineandsparky before going ahead. But don't worry, as long as it works, we do not already have the same event, and no one else has scheduled one in you will be given permission to run the event 🙂