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Mob Party
When: Saturday Nights

Yes. There is cake.

-There will be alerts in Discord and in game 1-15 minutes ahead of time, and often throughout the day Saturday beforehand
-Often held between 4pm-9pm EST
-Every Saturday unless there are less than 10 people online
-Often held at /warp The_end on Atlantis Server - there may be multiple mob parties in the future, one for each of the survival servers (Korra, Atlantis, VIP)
-Defeat waves of most minecraft mob types
-Usually held in The End spawn
-The more players on, the more mobs are spawned!
-Collect dropped mob loots! Sometimes some special loots are dropped by the host 😉
-Bows and arrows often provided by host, dropped throughout duration of party
-Lingering potion heals occasionally dropped on the portal
-Sometimes named minibosses at end of each of most rounds. They're harder, may be faster, may have a special attack, and drop collectibles you can only get from them. Keep em, use em or sell em later for extra money!
(There may not always be minibosses especially if Mob Generator is being twitchy with current version)
-Defeat all mob types to your hearts' content, quit when you like or stay till the end!
-Collect tons of mob loot
-Stay alive
-Welcome to come and go as you please
-You will not lose inventory or xp if you die (This may not always be true! It will be specified at the start of the party!)
-Usually allowed to fly if you have a rank that has unlocked access (will specify if fly NOT allowed for that particular round!)

-No flying if specified at beginning at party
-No whining
-No fighting
-No Pets (they will be slaughtered in the chaos)
-Stay inside arena
-No camping
-Do not fight over nether star(s). Multiple withers are often spawned at the half-point of the party. You'll get a chance eventually!
-Do not fight over any other special items dropped (sometimes dragon eggs and dragon head is dropped)

Hope to see you there!