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Trivia Night!
When: Random, sometimes nightly, sometimes weeks in between.

Join us in global (standard) chat to participate in trivia!

-Requires minimum of 10 people active online!
-Using a search is usually perfectly acceptable - we have participants of all ages, this makes it more fair for everyone! We will SPECIFY if a particular round is NOT allowed to use a search!
-Usually held anytime between 4pm - 10pm EST
-Usually 5 questions. If you win, you earn cool prizes!
-Usually questions are totally random.
-The most grammatically correct answer may be picked over the same answer with typos even if the typo version came first - it is up to THE HOST to decide who wins - this is not about favoritism. Be patient and understanding with your host, be grateful they're taking time to add this much fun to the server for free on their own time! You'll get plenty of other chances to answer correctly and get a prize!
-Note: different staff members hosting may do it differently!
-Some questions may technically have multiple correct answers. Your host will pick the most accurate answer having cross referenced the questions before holding Trivia. You must respond with the answer your host is specifically looking for in order to win!
-Also note: This is run by a human beings who sometimes have to accept less than perfect answers on the fly. Please do not interfere if you do not agree with how Trivia is run. It's meant for everyone to have fun and win cool stuff!

-Please DON'T SPAM same answers! If you see someone answer with the same answer you were going to, answer with something different or not at all! This cuts down on the amount of spam the host has to sift through to find the correct answer and pick a winner!
-Be polite in chat - No whining, fighting or being ungrateful
-Be patient with the host!
-Do not spam same answer others have already answered with
-5 questions 5 winners, if you've won, don't answer again (This is only applicable when we've specified at the beginning of trivia when there's a LOT of poeple online!