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Question: How do I make money on the server?
Answer: To list all possible ways to make game cash on the server, there would be a novel here, but among the most common ways:
-/vote - $500 per link, 6 links, so that's $3k per day! You also get 1 vote crate key per vote. Vote crate has all kinds of goodies! There's also lucky votes that may give you up to an extra $1000 and even extra keys!
-Create your own chest shops (tutorials at spawn or look in Guides here in forums)
-Buy a shop in player shops area and set up chest shops inside!
-Sell items straight from your inventory by doing /sell while holding the item!
-Auction house - post something of high value and highly sought after (such as gear from crates, diamonds, etc.) with /ah sell (amount) while holding the item. More details at spawn and in forum guides!
-Be online when donator donates. You will often get donator crate keys. Donator crate has better items than vote crate!
-join /jobs - you start with a maximum of 2 and rank up for up to 5 jobs! Get paid while you do certain actions. Info at spawn and in guides on forums.
-Offer a service such as silk touching spawners or changing spawner type unlocked at upper ranks for others for a fee, or /repair items for people for a fee.
-Start a plot town and sell plot spots using Grief Prevention claims and Real Estate! Tutorials here in forums in Guides and at /spawn.
-Good at building? Sell builds to other players or the Builds Catalog in staff flats. Catalog items are priced by a staff item value guide after adding up all materials in a build, and that amount is rewarded (once) to the creator if chosen to be hosted in the Catalog.
-Make safarinet eggs for players for a fee, unlocked at upper ranks
-Participate in server events such as trivia - often there are cash rewards or reward items you can easily sell on /ah
-/prewards and click "Claim" in green whenever you earn a milestone being on the server. Cash rewards hourly, daily, and so on! These are playtime rewards just for being online! You can /afk as long as you like on our server and earn rewards!
Use your imagination! There are lots of ways to make money fast on the server.


Question: How do I buy a donator rank for someone?
Answer: Simply enter their in-game name instead of yours when you go to purchase.


Question: How do I rankup?
Answer: /rankup. It will tell you if you don't have enough money to rank up yet and will force you to rank up in order. /ranks to see all rank names and prices! More info here on forums in Guides as well.


Question: Can I troll people on here?
Answer: We prefer that you do not, at all. Some people just don't have the same sense of humor you do, and can especially become irritable if the "laughs" are really at their expense. Most trolls are usually only funny to the person doing the trolling, and even tend to get angry easily when they're trolled right back. With a little imagination, there is plenty of fun and laughs to be had without hurting people.


Question: What's the griefing policy on here?
Answer: We hold to a no-grief rule on our main survival server, however it will not be monitored. You have a responsibilty to keep your property protected with Grief Prevention claim. Some staff may have time/be nice enough to roll back damages to your property if you're new or someone who was not invited to your area deliberately wrecked everything around your claim area, but it is not a rule for them and is up to the individual staff online at the time. If you have any problems or questions at all with cliaming or with another player harrassing you, don't hesitate to contact us in Discord or /mail one of us in game.


Question: Can we wreck the world?
Answer: We prefer that you do not intentionally wreck the world just for the sake of doing so, and not to collect resources; others use this map and want to build on a server that doesn't look like garbage; please be respectful.


Question: Can I trade my spawner for a different one?
Answer: No, but in later ranks you can change it with a spawnegg or get lucky with another type in the crates. There's also a lucky spawner token in the RARE donator crate that lets you choose a spawner 🙂 /buy to purchase keys!


Question: what can I do with my rank? What do I get?
Answer: There's ranks guides for the servers in guides here on forums detailing every permission and ability unlocks for each rank.


Question: Can I have staff? Where do I apply? Can I have op?
Answer: You can submit an application under "Apps" after registering with the site and reading Requirements in Staff Applications section.
Asking for OP is like asking for a stranger's house keys; you're likely to get laughed at.
Spam asking for staff is likely to just get you muted, and sabotage your chances of becoming staff.


Question: Can you read my staff app?
Answer: Staff apps are reviewed by owner whenever there's a need for hiring in new staff - this can be a few days from applying, or a few weeks. Staying patient and helpful to players is the best way to get considered for staff.


Question: Can I bring my alts on to afk and/or collect crate keys?
Answer: Absolutely! Even afk warm bodies help the server moral, and by trying to make a rule not to bring alts, we would only be stopping the honest people from taking advantage of the server rewards system.


Question: "Hi! I'm from Planet Minecraft --"
Answer: No.