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Question: How do I make money on the (survival) server?

Answer: Your imagination is the limit. But here's a few suggestions:

- /vote - $500 per link, up to 20 links per day - that's $10k per day! You also get 1 vote crate key per vote. Vote crate has all kinds of goodies!

- Create your own chest shops. Check out guide HERE or /menu in game.

- Buy a shop in /warp player_shops area and set up chest shops inside!

- Sell items straight from your inventory by doing /sell GUI!

- Post an item in Auction house - /ah sell (amount) while holding the item. Check out the guide HERE or /menu in game.

- Be online when someone donates. Donator crate keys, temp flight, money and more go to EVERYONE ONLINE when the transaction goes through.

- Join /jobs - you start with a maximum of 2 and rank up for up to 5 jobs! Get paid while you do certain actions. Check out the guide HERE or /menu in game.

- Offer a service such as silk touching spawners or changing spawner type (unlocked at upper ranks) for lower-rankers for a fee, or /repair items for people for a fee.

- Start a plot town and sell plots using claims and Real Estate! Check out the guide HERE or /menu in game.

- Good at building? Sell builds to other players or the Builds Catalog in staff flats, or offer building help services.
- Catalog items are priced by a staff item value guide (click HERE to view) after adding up all materials in a build, and that amount is awarded (once) to the build's creator if chosen to be hosted in the Catalog. See Catalog Submissions details HERE.

- Make Safarinet eggs for players for a fee (unlocked at upper ranks).

- Participate in server events - often there are cash rewards or reward items you can easily sell on /ah

- /prewards and click "Claim" in green whenever you earn a milestone being on the server. Rewards hourly, daily, and so on! These are playtime rewards just for being online! You can /afk as long as you like on our server and earn rewards!

- Use your imagination! There are lots of ways to make money fast on the server, if it's some kind of race for you.


Question: How do I buy a donator rank for someone?

Answer: Simply enter their in-game name instead of yours when you go to purchase.


Question: Does this server reset? / When's the reset?

Answer: No. Never. We don't reset.


Question: What happens when the new version comes out?

Answer: NOTHING happens to your builds, the map you're on, your ranks, or your money on the server you're on. Stay where you are and play as long as you like.

(Read carefully here and DO NOT discuss "resets" in open chat. It causes upset and confusion, spreads like a virus, and pretty soon no one listens).

- We introduce a new proxy with fresh new ranks usually a few months after Mojang releases the new version - completely dependent on plugins updating/working well together again, and the owner (myself) putting in the hundreds of back-end work hours to get everything set up correctly.

- The proxy you're playing on STAYS PUT. It does not get updated, it does not get deleted. Play on it as long as you like.

- The new proxy with the new Minecraft version has fresh new ranks, a fresh new map, a new economy, sometimes a few new plugins, usually voted in by YOU guys.

- THE ONLY THING DIFFERENT is that you have more choices of where you'd like to play.

- Chats on both servers, like the rest of our servers, is connected globally. It's like you're all on one big server.

- MIND BLOWN - - You can play on the new server, AND the old one if you want to!! Just like you can choose to sometimes play on our Creative or Bedwars servers, and go back and play on our survival server(s) other times!

- Once the major work is done on the new proxy and has been open for a little while to public, we bend over backwards to offer a build-saving request period, to simply move a copy of your build(s) you request to the other newer server if you'd rather play there exclusively, and would like your builds there.
This is a very time consuming, painstaking process very few, if any other survival networks offer to do. We are players every bit as much as you, and care about your wants and needs more than you'll probably ever know.



Question: How do I rank up?

Answer: /rankup. It will tell you if you don't have enough money to rank up yet and will force you to rank up in order. /ranks to see all rank names and prices!
Check out the guide HERE or /menu in game.


Question: Can I troll people on here?

Answer: No.
Some people just don't have the same sense of humor you do, and can especially become irritable if the "laughs" are really at their expense. Most trolls are only funny to themselves and even tend to get angry easily when they're trolled right back. Most trolls don't realize they're hurting people, especially if the players getting trolled are "laughing." Sometimes people laugh out of tension, not happiness, and aren't sure how to handle it in the moment. Be aware of your types of humor, and use a little imagination. There is plenty of fun and laughs to be had without hurting people.


Question: What's the griefing policy on here?

Answer: No griefing allowed.
- You have a responsibility to keep your property protected with a Grief Prevention claim.
- We will rollback damages if a player has wrecked your unclaimed property, up to 2 months old. Beyond that, our block data is purged and the damage is permanent.
- Claims dissipate in 3 months of inactivity. Make sure you log in from time to time to keep your property protected.
- If a player you chose to /trust in your claim stole from/griefed you, that's your fault, it was a choice you made to /trust. We don't get involved.


Question: Can we wreck the world?

Answer: We prefer that you do not intentionally wreck the world.
Others use this map and want to build on a server that doesn't look like garbage. Please be respectful.
You are welcome to collect resources anywhere, but it's preferred you use the biome warps for that as much as possible. /warp and go to page 2.


Question: Can I trade my spawner for a different one?

Answer: No, but in later ranks you can change it with a vanilla minecraft spawnegg (not safarinet) or get lucky with another type in the crates. There's also a lucky spawner token in the RARE donator crate that lets you choose a spawner. Click HERE to buy keys!


Question: What can I do with my rank? What do I get?

/kit in game to claim your rank kit! Each rank gets a new better one!
/menu to view rank perks in game.
Or click HERE to see the detailed list! Tip: do ctrl + f and type the rank you're interested in to quickly jump to it.


Question: Can I have staff? / Where do I apply? / Can I have op?

Answer: Staff ranks are earned responsibility roles that are applied for. Not a cute rank-up to give you destructive powers.
- You can submit an application under "Apps" after registering with the site and thoroughly reading Requirements HERE. It will tell you how to apply.
- NO, you cannot have OP.
Demanding/Begging/Asking for OP is like asking for a stranger's house keys; you're likely to get laughed at.
Spam asking for staff is likely to just get you muted, and sabotage your chances of becoming staff.


Question: Can you read my staff app?

Answer: Staff apps are reviewed by owner whenever there's a need for hiring in new staff - this can be a few days from applying, or a few weeks. Staying patient and helpful to players is the best way to get considered for staff.


Question: Can I bring my alts on to afk and/or collect crate keys?

Answer: Absolutely! Even afk warm bodies help the server moral, and by trying to make a rule not to bring alts, we would only be stopping the honest people from taking advantage of the server rewards system.


Question: What are your plugins?

-If you're asking out of interest of what kind of features we have to determine if you want to stay and play, /menu and click guides in game. Or browse our Guides section here on forums.
- If you're asking because you want to make a copycat server?
That's like walking into a well established restaurant and asking the owner what the secret ingredient is. It's rude. If you're a copycat, you won't make it, trust me. If you have a fraction of the dedication and heart it takes to be a good server owner someday, don't ask this question. It takes many hours of actual effort to make and manage a server, of any kind. Roll up your sleeves and do the work.


Question: "Hi! I'm from Planet Minecraft --"

Answer: No.

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