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Suggestion Format


Hollowtree is a friendly house of different servers, minigames, plugins, maps, cities - you name it. However, we are always open to suggestions of events, plugins, a variety of changes! We're very limited on time to keep up, so to help us out, follow the format below so we can fully understand your suggestion and take it seriously!


Please note: As of right now, we are not doing the following:
1. Public Skype/Slack/Chatroom other than Discord
2. Giving any advantageous perks to donators over other users (Against EULA)
3. Any type of "unbanning" for donations [against eula]


Be aware that all suggestions must follow the EULA guidelines


Your ingame-name:
Name of Event/Plugin/Suggestion:
What server would this be on?
If Plugin, is it (our version) compatible?
If Event, describe how it functions; event objectives, rules, staff directions and set-up?
Give pros and cons. If you can't do this, you may need to do more research first.
Have you used this suggestion somewhere else?
Would anything need to be added for this to work?
Any additional info: