Bamboo 1.14.4 Ranks

[Closed] Bamboo 1.14.4 Ranks  

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Quick Reference:
In-Game Ranks:
1 Pillager
2 Scout
3 Cartographer
4 Wilder
5 Stonecutter
6 Fletcher
7 Weaponsmith
8 Monk
9 Ninja
10 Kensei
11 Assassin
12 Samurai
13 Wu-jen

1 Give Thanks! - Gold D
2 VIP - Green D
3 Sweetheart<3 - Cyan D
4 Loyal - Pink D
5 Legendary - Salmon D

1 Builder
2 Architect
3 Architect+
4 Helper
5 Mod
6 Admin
7 Prof
8 Owner


In-game rank level: 1
Prefix: Pillager
Cost: $0 (Starting rank)
Total Homesets: 2

-Shows a list of all players connected to BungeeCord. This list is separated by each individual server on the BungeeCord proxy and provides a total player count on the proxy.
/server [server]
-When used with an argument, transfers you to the specified server. When used with no arguments, lists all servers you can connect to.
-Auto-join Standard channel upon logging into the server. Access to read and write capabailities
/ch send
- Send a message to a channel
- Channel command menu
/channel help
- List all commands regarding channels
/channel join <channel> [write/read/spy]
- Join a channel. If no mode is specified, read/write for this channel is enabled.
/channel leave <channel>
- Leave a channel
/channel list
- List all channels available to you
/channel switch <channel> [mode]
- Quickly change channels
- Receive a sound warning when somebody mentions you in the chat
- Check money balance
Aliases: /money, /balance
/chat [playername/off]
- enables persistent chat mode where you can write public messages and they will be sent only to defined player. Simplifies private messaging.
- Shows all color limits you currently have. For: signs, private message, public messages, nick names.
- displays list of color codes.
- open GUI for detailed check of your playtime.
/helpop [message]
- sends message to any staff currently online
/home (homeName)
- teleport to home location
- list homes
/ignore (playerName)
- add/remove player to/from ignore list
- Shows list of online players sorted by ranks
/mail [send/clear/read] [playername] (message)
- Read or delete mail, or send mail for target player
/mail read
-Read your mail
/mail clear
-Delete your mail
/mail send Cali_Dreams I think I ran into a bug at 700 26 -140, can you help?
- Sent mail to Cali about a bug
/pay [playername] [amount]
- allows to pay another player
/msg [playername] [message]
- sends private message to target player
- disable/enable any and all payment
- show your current ping
- show current server playtime
- shows top list sorted by players play time
- claim your playtime rewards
- Bossbar notification in green when you have playtime rewards available!
- Click "Claim" in green to claim any 1-time rewards. You'll automatically recieve any looping rewards such as hourly heal and $20!
/realname (playerName/nickName)
- to check out a player's full in-game name
/recipe (itemName)
- Shows recipe for item by provided name or from players hand. Option to click on any item in recipe GUI to check its recipe.
/delhome (homeName)
- removes home by defined name
Alias: /removehome
/reply [message]
- Privately reply to last player that messaged you
/server [servername]
- travel to target proxy on the Bungee Network
Hollowtree Servers:
(whitelist, must be $20 donator+)
- shows server time including time zone
/sethome (homeName)
- Sets home location. If name not defined, then "home" is used by default. You have 2 total homesets with this rank.
- removes any passengers currently on you (donators have /ride!)
- teleport to spawn location
- show full list of your server statistics
/tpa [playername]
- Sends request to teleport to a player's location
/tpaccept (playerName)
- accept teleport request
/tpdeny (playerName)
- deny teleport request
/tptoggle (playerName)
- toggle teleportation access
- pull up gui for warps and click a warp or /warp (name) to tp to a specific warp
/whowas [playername]
- shows a player's previous names
/worth (all/blocks/hand)
- shows price of held item, list of all items in your inventory, or all blocks only in inventory if prices are set. This is just a item worth suggestion/reference; /sell is disabled on this server.
- Speedometer shows in your bossbar as you fly with elytra!
- Ability to place spawners! Upper ranks unlock silk-touch spawner and may sell them. Spawners may also be possible event and crate rewards!
-Note: there is a limit to how many spawners you can place. This becomes unlimited with upper ranks!
- Auto-afk after 10 minutes idle, however there is no afk kick! Hang out as long as you like. Earn in-game money the more time you spend on the server! Hanging out helps support the server by showing we have active players online!
-Shift-click with an open hand to sit on any stairs or slabs!
- Opens up the auction house
-Aliases: /crazyauctions, /ca, /ah, /hdv, /crazyauction
/ah help
- Shows all available commands.
/ah expire
- Opens up the players expired items list.
/ah collect
- Opens up the player's collectible items list.
/ah listed
- Opens up the player's items they are currently selling.
/ah view <player>
- Shows the list items being sold by the searched player.
/ah sell <price> [amount]
- Add the item currently in your hand to the selling section of the auction house. This rank comes with 3 sell slots.
/ah bid <price> [amount]
- Add the item currently in your hand to the bidding section of the auction house. This rank comes with 1 bid slot.
- Access to Hollowtree Server main menu
- Attempt to rankup from your current rank
- View the current server ranks list with prices!
- Claiming - Hold any golden shovel and right click two adjacent points around your property to create a claim that will lock people out of your chests, protect your animals and be ungriefable.
- By default everyone has access to use doors but not fence gates
- Claim must be at least 100 total blocks.
- Height does not matter. Once the claim is created, everything from lowest starting point to sky build limit is protected. If you make a basement, the claim auto-protects the deeper you dig beneath your property.
- You start with 5000 claim blocks and accumulate more as you play!
- Claimblocks Accrued Per Hour: 100, maxing out at 50,000.
- You can pop you or someone else's claim borders up by clicking the ground near it with a stick.
- Claim expires if you've been offline for over 3 months.
- Pets and horses tamed by you are protected in and outside your claims.
- View your current claims and their coordinates, and remaining claimblocks available. Your first placed chest auto-creates a claim for you.
- Auto-create a small claim where you're standing
- Deletes the claim you're standing in. Returns your claimblocks from the claim back to you.
Alias: /abandonclaim
- Toggles if explosions are allowed in the claim you're in
- Gives another player permission to edit in your claim you're in
- Revokes any permissions granted to a player in your claim you're in
- Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, and beds in your claim you're in
- Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals in your claim you're in
- Lists the permissions for the claim you're standing in.
- Switches your shovel to subdivision mode, so you can create sub claim regions inside your bigger claim. You can set different permissions for these sub claims, so people have access to the big region and not the sub regions, or vice versa.
- Puts your shovel back in basic claims mode.
- Grants a player permission to share his permission level with others.
/Untrust All
- Removes all permissions for all players in your claim.
- Deletes all of your claims. Must be standing outside any of your claims for this to initiate (not recommended)
- Converts server money to claim blocks.
- Converts claim blocks to server money.
- Gives away a tamed animal. You can breed and sell pets this way!
Get out of a land claim you're trapped inside.
Allows other players to pick up items you dropped when you died
/jobs browse
List the jobs available to you
/jobs join [jobname]
Join selected job
- This rank is allowed 2 jobs. If you leave a job, you will lose 30% of the exp you gained in that job.
/jobs browse
List the jobs available to you
/jobs bonus [jobname]
Show job bonuses
/jobs info [jobname] [action]
Show how much each job is getting paid and for what
/jobs stats [playername]
Show the level you or another player are in each job you/another player are a part of
/jobs top [jobname]
Show top 15 players by jobs name
/jobs limit
Shows payment limits for jobs
/jobs leave [oldjob]
Leave selected job
/jobs leaveall
Leave all your jobs
/jobs toggle [actionbar/bossbar]
Toggles payment output on action bar or bossbar
- 2 total /jobs
/Lottery buy
- Buy lottery ticket for $100. $100 gets added to the lottery pot without taxation. You can only buy 1 ticket.
/lottery gui
- bring up lottery menu to see status, your tickets and details
/lottery status
- check the current lottery draw time pot amount and details
-Randomly teleport around the map! Default range currently set 200 - 7000. Between these numbers are how many blocks you'll leap from your current location.
Alias: /randomteleport, /wild, /rt
- Safarinet eggs can be collected from mobs, crates, events, or crafted by upper ranks. They're special mob eggs that allow you to capture almost any mob by right clicking a mob to capture, and right clicking the ground again to release it. This can be used to take your pets or livestock anywhere including between worlds! This rank only has access to capture chickens. Next rank unlocks the rest! Upper ranks unlock ability to craft single-use eggs! Reusables are rare mob drops, come from donator crates and some events.
- Ability to create QuickShops. Tutorial:
- Open kit gui to see all kits available to you, and info about them
- Left Click to use it, Right click to preview
/kit [kitname]
- to recieve a kit by its name
/kit Pillager
-Kit for this rank
-Automatically join with /kit Newbie


In-game rank level: 2
Prefix: Scout
Cost: $2,500
Total Homesets: 2
Inherits: Pillager

- Teleports to the previous location (this will not teleport you back to deathpoint - that's another rank unlock!)
- List top players by balance ratings
/cheque [amount]
- Creates cheque with defined money amount by taking it from you and using paper from your hand.
/tpahere [playername]
- sends request to teleport a player to your location
- 4 total sell slots in /ah
- Ability to catch and release all mobs using safarinet eggs except:
- manually toggle afk mode
/kit Scout


In-game rank level: 3
Prefix: Cartographer
Cost: $5,000
Total Homesets: 3
Inherits: Scout

- Ability to chat without moving since server join. This means you're able to use a game chat app without being in game. This is disabled in the first rank to reduce chat bot spam.
- 5 total sell slots in /ah
/kit Cartographer


In-game rank level: 4
Prefix: Wilder
Cost: $10,000
Total Homesets: 3
Inherits: Cartographer
In-game rank level: 4

- Now includes deathpoint
- Basic elytra boost unlocked: Right click with feathers after starting your glide to boost. Look slightly up to get the most out of your boost! It consumes 1 feather per boost.
- Elytra Launch unlocked: hold shift and right mouse button while on the ground and while holding feathers to launch vertically in the air!
- 6 total sell slots in /ah
/kit Wilder


In-game rank level: 5
Prefix: Stonecutter
Cost: $15,000
Total Homesets: 4
Inherits: Wilder

- shows players near you.
- Sit down where you're standing. Sit anywhere!
- opens workbench GUI without having to place one
- Alias: /wb
- 7 total sell slots in /ah
- Ability to see how long a claim owner has been offline by clicking in or near a claim with a stick
/kit Stonecutter


In-game rank level: 6
Prefix: Fletcher
Cost: $25,000
Total Homesets: 4
Inherits: Stonecutter

- Opens ender chest without having one
- Aliases: /ender, /enderchest
/me [message]
- sends broadcast type message in purple. Great for advertising your shop (in moderation)
- Ability to see death location after death
- 8 total sell slots in /ah
- 3 total jobs
/kit Fletcher


In-game rank level: 7
Prefix: Weaponsmith
Cost: $50,000
Total Homesets: 5
Inherits: Fletcher

- Informed when durability reaches threshold
- Use shulkerbox as backpack with shift + right-click while holding it
- 9 total sell slots in /ah
/kit Weaponsmith


In-game rank level: 8
Prefix: Monk
Cost: $75,000
Total Homesets: 5
Inherits: Weaponsmith

/nick [nickname]
- nickname yourself
- Unlocks all colors for /nickname
- Alias: /nickname
- Example: /nickname &5Kitty
- Limit of 20 characters (it counts color codes as characters)
/condense (itemName)
- condenses items in inventory to more compact form
/uncondense (itemName)
- converts blocks into raw form
- Keep exp after death
- 10 total sell slots in /ah
- 4 total jobs
/kit Monk


In-game rank level: 9
Prefix: Ninja

Cost: $100,000
Total Homesets: 6
Inherits: Monk

- teleport to top block from current position
- Bypass /tpa warmup and cooldowns
- Bypass /tpahere warmups and cooldowns
- Teleport with your horse! Just sit on your horse and tp normally 🙂
- 11 total sell slots in /ah
/kit Ninja


In-game rank level: 10
Prefix: Kensei

Cost: $150,000
Total Homesets: 6
Inherits: Ninja

- Ability to repair items without level limitations on an anvil
- Feed yourself (20 minute cooldown)
- Elytra super boost unlocked! Shift-click with feathers in hand while in eyltra flight. Consumes 5 feathers at a time vs. 1 feather per regular boost.
- 12 total sell slots in /ah
- Ability to craft single-use Safarinet eggs! Surround 1 enderpearl with 8 string to craft
/kit Kensei


In-game rank level: 11
Prefix: Assassin

Cost: $250,000
Total Homesets: 7
Inherits: Kensei

- Toggle fly mode
- Ability to login in fly mode if floating in last logout
- Shows current position
- 13 total sell slots in /ah
- Random teleport cooldown bypass!
- Compact all stackable items into stacks in your inventory
/kit Assassin


In-game rank level: 12
Prefix: Samurai

Cost: $500,000
Total Homesets: 7
Inherits: Assassin

- Repair item in hand (20 minute cooldown)
- MUST use /fix alias, as /repair alias is run by mcmmo for repair stats
/wspeed [amount]
- Change walkspeed between 1 - 2
- Alias: /walkspeed
- 14 total sell slots in /ah
- 5 total jobs
/kit Samurai


In-game rank level: 13
Prefix: Wu-jen

Cost: $750,000
Total Homesets: 8
Inherits: Samurai

- Return to last death point
/speed [amount]
- Change flyspeed between 1 - 2
/fix all
- Repair all durability items in your inventory (20 minute cooldown)
- MUST use /fix alias, as /repair alias is run by mcmmo for repair stats
/tppos <x> <y> <z> [yaw] [pitch]
- Teleport directly to a set of coordinates (if you have Liteloader Voxelmap, you can now use the teleport feature on the big map!)
- Keep inventory when you die!
- 15 total sell slots in /ah
/kit Wu-jen


Posted : 28/01/2020 3:16 pm