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Submit a build to the catalog for others to buy from the server later like Cali's Warehouse builds!

You will get paid in game for 1 world edit copy of the build if it is accepted. Yes, some talent is required! It has to be a build other players would want to buy! Any server maps you do (like mazes, parkours, pvp arenas etc. may get used for the server!)

What is not accepted:
-Redstone work (unless it's well hidden in a cool server map build like a maze or parkour)
-Mob or crop farms of any kind
-Underground bases
-Gemstones (unless very sparse accents)
-Shoddy floating block parkours
-Chests or any other items that have an inventory except endchests (hoppers, dispensers, droppers, furnaces etc.)
-Someone else's work you're taking credit for

What IS accepted:
-Sewers and dungeons
-Entertainment parks/recreation
-pvp arenas
-Good quality themed parkours and minigames
-Custom trees
-Theme park items and builds
-All building types such as homes, businesses, markets etc.

Note: Any inventory item blocks and gemstones may be removed and will not be a part of the total you're paid for if your build is accepted.

The build must be compact; not spread out across a ton of terrain and difficult to copy/clean up for the catalog

All submissions MUST BE your original work.

All builds are accepted based on good detail, style, creativity, originality and general talent judged by staff.

Posted : 21/03/2020 9:41 pm