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(Helltree 1.16 server only)

General Info:


Catch a Mypet!
    - Every rank in game unlocks ability to catch a certain mob type. You can also receive some really cool exlusive ones in the webstore by supporting us with donations! /buy!
    - When you have a pet type unlocked, you can then catch it with a leash!
    - Rank your mcmmo taming skill level up to 15.
    - Simply left-click (punch) the entity with your leash and it becomes a Mypet!
Name it
    - Your pet will start with a default name of what it is.
    - Rename your pet by doing /petname!
    - Color codes for naming your pet unlock in donator rank 3!
Skill trees
    - Choose a skilltree for your pet with /pcst!
    - You can change this anytime!
    - Different skill trees unlock different abilities as you rank your pet up
Ranking up
    - Simply collect EXP killing or breeding mobs, mining, fishing, etc! As the abilities unlock, you'll get messaged in chat about them!
    - In the /pcst menu, you'll see details of each skill tree and what your pet is capable of if you have one of them selected. Such as "ride" which unlocks the ability to be ridden!
   - Left-click your pet with the leash to view your pet's details such as health, and what it eats!
   - Right click your pet with its preferred food(s) to heal it!

Put it away:

    - Store your pet with /petstore! Get it back out again, or choose another with /pswitch!
    - Donate to unlock more slots to store more pets!

    - Want to get rid of the pet entirely? /petrelease!






- show all available MyPet commands.

- show the following info about your pet.
owner (only when pets isn't yours)
alias: /pinfo
/petname [new-pet-name]
- set the name of your pet.
Note: works with color codes if you have donator rank 3 or higher
/petrelease [pet-name]
- Set your pet completely free
- Teleports your pet to you.
Alias: /pc, /petc
- send your pet away.
Note: it can be still called by using the /petcall command
Aliases: /psa /petsa
- allows you to switch between pets.
Alias: /pswitch
- allows you to store your active pet
Note: stored pets can be retrieved by the /petswitch command
Aliases: /pstore /pst
/pettrade [accept or reject or cancel or a <player name>] <price>
- offers your current pet to another player.
Aliases: /pett /pt
/petskill [playername]
- shows info about the skills of your pet.
- orders your pet to stop attacking his target
- useless in farm and aggressive behavior modes
Aliases: /ps /pets
/petchooseskilltree [skilltree name]
- shows all available skilltrees and lets you selects a skilltree for your pet
Aliases: /pcst /petcst
- enable/disable the CaptureHelper
Aliases: /pch
/pettype <pettype>
- displays info about the pettype like default HP, leash flags and food
/petoptions <option> [parameters...]
- toggles healthbar on/off
- set the volume of the idle sound pets make
/petinventory [playername]
- opens the inventory of your pet
Note: can not be opened when pet is in water/lava
Aliases: /pi /peti
- toggles pickup of your pet on/off
Aliases: /pp /petp
/petbehavior [mode]
- toggles the behavior your pet
friendly -> the pet will not fight even when it's attacked by anything
normal -> the pet will attack only if provoked like a wolf
aggressive -> attacks automatically everything within 15 blocks of the owner (disabled)
farm -> attacks automaticly every Monster within 15 blocks of the owner
raid -> like normal but the pet will not attack players and their minions (wolves, ocelot, pets)
duel -> pets will attack other pets with active duel behavior within a 5 block radius
Aliases: /pb /petb
- opens the beacon window of your pet
Aliases: /pbeacon /petbeacon


Q) Can my pet fly?
A) Flying mob types such as bats and phantoms can fly when you select "Ride" skilltree and they reach level 10 by collecting normal means of EXP while they are actively with you. Until then, they can glide gently downwards when you ride them off a cliff.

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