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Server Rules

This server is intended for a chill, family friendly crowd - these are general rules for all of Hollowtree servers, forums and Discord


This means back-talking, negatively challenging our rules, cussing at, name calling, offensively baiting, arguing about corrective action, etc. Staff earned their ranks through time, honesty and hard work. Respect staff for the things they do the way they do, even if it doesn't make sense to you. /ignore problem players and report them in pm's to staff them when necessary. Do not make a scene in open chat about it. Do not make threats to, or slander the server. This also means:


Such as religion, politics, gender, race, sexuality etc.
We're a melting pot made of players from different timezones, races, religions, orientations, disabilities and more. Be decent, and empathic. It's a game server; we come here to take a break from the tensions of real life. Play in peace, feel genuinely welcomed, and help others feel genuinely welcomed.


No other server talk at all in our game chat, forums or public Discord channels, please. It's disrespectful to the server you're on. Promote US! The one you're enjoying your time on. Promote others in more appropriate places, like Discord private messages or other social media.
Don't join just to advertise your website or channel with no interest in our server.


We expect some tasteful light obscenity for laughs as long as it's not at the expense of others, or something awkward a child shouldn't be exposed to yet. This is a game, for all ages. Not a bar. Most of us that play are young teens or older. Please keep it lighthearted, and NEVER directed toward anyone. Don't be insensitive.


We do have a property claim tool that allows you to protect your land/animals/chests. We can't always undo damage/death/stolen goods. You are welcome to minecraft map-generated structures. User-built is off limits. Do not /trust someone if you do not completely trust them. If they "steal" from you, it's your fault, and staff does not interfere with domestic disputes.


No hacks such as fly, speed, x-ray, etc.
No modded clients. Cosmetic mods like Optifine, Lightmatica, inventory sorting and minimaps are fine. If it's advantageous in any other way over other players, it's not allowed. Don't be afraid to ask staff if a mod is ok!
No exploits. Whether well known things you can do with basic Minecraft to xray without mods, duplicate items with complicated redstone machines, etc., or something we've clearly missed in building our complicated network of plugins on the server and is netting you twice the money or items as anyone else overnight. It's not a matter of IF you get caught, but WHEN.
If you find a loophole or bug, report it. Don't risk a ban over something you end up sour at us expecting everything to be perfect when you can't even be a decently moral human.


/afk, /tpa, LAG, character spam, repeated names, words, sentences etc. is not allowed. Character spam looks like this Wooooooooooo! Repeating a question over and over is spam. People often don't answer if they don't know the answer, answer is "no," or could be busy at that moment. Be patient; ask again later, or try to figure it out on your own. If it's about the server or any plugins, the answers are most likely at spawn or in forums. Spamming "LAG!" can actually make lag worse the moments it's happening. Repeating /tpa or /afk is spam. Spam isn't just a canned meat. It's annoying.


Please use private messaging or party channels for non-english speaking friends or family. If there's just a couple of you that understand the alternate language, it's spam to the rest in open chat, and is disrespectful.
The majority speaks english. It's no offense to your native language. On the contrary, we're happy to have people from all over the globe <3



For money, for free items, to unban a friend, to be staff, etc.
Just as annoying as spamming, begging for staff/unbans/freebies all the time is annoying. Play the game. Earn stuff. Do it yourself, and don't expect handouts.


Use of redstone and pistons, 0 tick farms, spawners, auto crop farms, auto mob farms, flowing water/lava etc is perfectly fine as long as it's not being abused. If it's dropping staff or 2 out of 3 peoples' fps below 30 when near, or having a heavy impact on tps, it's too much.


Within 100 blocks of someone else's build without their permission.
Study the area the best you can before you settle in! 100 blocks is just a little outside our server render distance.
Respect everyone's space or work out a friendly team/town building co-op.
This rule is for buildings, NOT claims. Be respectful of each other's borders, but keep in mind it's just the buildings that count.
There's two sides to this.

Respect other's builds nearby who may be new to the area. If they're new, they likely don't have /fly or know about /fly if someone recently bought temp fly for everyone. It can be challenging to find builds nearby, if they're even familiar with rules right after starting. If they're just outside that 100 block rule, and it's been a month since they last logged in and you want to expand your borders? That's tough. There's no time expiry for when we'll consider uprooting someone just because you want to expand in that direction. What if they're off for medical reasons? And they come back a few weeks later to find they're beautiful area they worked hard to pick out is gone, and they've been obviously worldedit moved to a place they didn't pick? It's wrong, and greedy. Don't. Ask.
Share your space or kindly ask them with /mail or signs near their property if you can buy their property from them/offer to help them move/rebuild elsewhere, or even ask them if they wouldn't mind you expanding your claim border over their build and turning their area into a subclaim with /permissiontrust (it gives them full access to /trust anyone they want in their subclaim). There's LOTS of options - work something out with them. Don't try manipulating staff into being unfair.


No intentional stirring of drama of any kind on the server with staff, another player, down talking our server or another server, etc. This includes but is not limited to: self-centeredness, self-entitlement attitude, tattling, baiting staff or other players, trolling to a point of needing a negative emotional response from others, and more. The server was created and maintained as a means to escape the cruelties of reality for a little bit. Let the rest of the server have that, and enjoy it for what it is too. This goes for any real-life drama you're experiencing. The sad fact is, unless you have a very close friend or family member on there with you, no one wants to hear about your mamma's second cousin's grandma's divorce. And even then...that's what /msg is for. It's not our business! Don't tell a bunch of strangers your deeply emotional business, chancing inviting being picked on for it!

If you are rude as soon as you join, expect to be treated as much. If you are nice, we move mountains for you.

From all of staff, enjoy and welcome <3

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