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Bamboo Build Saves  

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Bamboo Build Saves:

We are now taking requests for saving builds on Bamboo server to make copies available for you on Honeytree!

Bamboo will still be around to play on for a while. Though eventually yes, it will be removed, as it does not make sense to continue renting a server no one plays on regularly.

SPECIAL NOTE - SaiphFox aka Spoon Boy will be in charge of this project, make sure all requests and questions go through him!

Request for your build to be saved in #Build-Saves channel in Discord!
Click HERE to join our Discord!

Taking build-saving requests: Wednesday, February 26th - Wednesday, March 11th
Able to purchase a copy of your build in game from Honeytree: Sometime shortly after the 11th

-PLEASE read requirements below. Any build save requests made dodging these requirements will not be taken seriously.

-Full in-game name

(old name also required if you had more than one in your time on Hollowtree)

-Homeset name to specific build or buildings you want

-ONLY build save requests made in Build-Saves channel will be taken seriously. Do not ask in game! This is so we can make sure we get to everyone, in order of when they asked.

-Keep all chatter out of Build-Saves channel; ONLY make one post, and edit as needed until your build is saved or you are contacted about it.

Optional: (VERY helpful)
-A clear screenshot of specifically the build you want saved

-Aesthetic above-ground builds ONLY

-No crop farms

-No Mob grinders/farms/spawners/xp farms

-No bases/basements/rooms below ground

-No redstone (some small stuff like simple piston doors or lamps within an otherwise aesthetic build may be acceptable)

-Must have been at least 70% built by you

-Player heads (they become invisible/break when worldediting)

-Entities such as mobs, item frames, paintings and armor stands (they simply don't copy with our worldedit)

-Chests (nice try exploiters!)

-Shulker boxes ^


-Terrain around building (in most cases anyway, so it's easier to paste in to a new environment later)

-Any major/laggy redstone work

Special note: There is not currently a limit to how many builds we can save per person, however we ask that you are respectful and reasonable with your requests. Do not ask us to save a bunch of tidbits of unfinished builds that would take you literally minutes to rebuild on Honeytree.

Also note: any warehouse or catalog builds you bought will not be saved, (this is an unnecessarily time consuming silly redundancy) however will be available still in the same places as before for the same prices. If you have changed the total look of the build by 50% or more, only then an exception may be made, but is up to the judgement of Spoon Boy.

Buying your build:
-Game-money build price calculations are based on prices per material according to the price guide on the forums.

-Remember, you're being given the option of purchasing a COPY of your build from Bamboo on an entirely separate server with a separate economy. Your original build stays on Bamboo, where if you'd rather, you can play on/with it there if you don't like the idea of having to "buy" a copy of your build on Honeytree.

How "fair" would it be if we were giving builds away for free on Honeytree? Say someone builds a tower made of diamond blocks on Bamboo and wants it saved so they have "free" diamond blocks on Honeytree, making diamonds completely worthless for everyone on Honeytree? 😉

Additional notes:
-The entire point of offering this:
This is offered in hopes of saving your art work that you worked hard on, give you a copy in the new server in a way that is fair for everyone new and old on the server, without having to start totally over on a new proxy you likely gravitated to because you liked all the new stuff and wanted to also go where most of us play. This gives you the best of both worlds!
In my decade of experience on countless survival servers of all different sizes and setups, it became apparent complete resets were a frequent commonality. Some servers did it every few weeks! None of them ever offered to save builds even if you were staff! Many didn't give any warning, either. I felt, and still feel that devastation and don't reset for that reason, hoping our servers will last at least 6 months or more. Often by then, there's a new major Mojang update that would require a brand new map to see any new changes they made, such as new mobs, items, structures, mechanical game changes and more! I vowed never to reset, unless I didn't have a choice, such as broken chunks that couldn't be fixed any other way. Sometimes broken chunks set servers on endless crash loops that even a map backup can't fix! Instead, I add a brand new server for you guys with an updated setup, improvements, new ranks, a fresh start, a fresh map you don't have to fight to find a spot to build on! With the choice of playing on the old server as long as you want, essentially. As long as there's at least 5-10 people playing on the older proxy, I will keep making payments to keep it up as long as you guys like. Once it goes completely dead, it's time to pack it up and make room for newer, more exciting things.
-Any changes you make on Bamboo after you've submitted your request will not be saved
-All buildings are priced according to materials within the build. So if a player tries to save a bunch of diamond/emerald blocks within his or her build, they will have to expect to pay that major price difference. Nice try opportunists!
-Honeytree is a completely separate server from Bamboo. NOT a reset of Bamboo, or a copy. It's a new server many of you decided to migrate over to and start fresh on, with a fresh new economy, separate new database, different set up, some different plugins, new ranks, new map with a whole bunch of new items and mobs, etc. We are in no way obligated to save builds or feel bad we're not giving a bunch of you guys unfair handouts starting out on Honeytree. This is a lengthy, painstaking process we go way out of our way to provide for you, for free, knowing how special your buildings are to you.
-All material prices are according to the price guide on the forums, using a material calculator within a worldedit selection. If there is any natural terrain left in your saved build, it's often not counted in the final price.

Why do servers reset?
-There are a LOT of variables involved when it comes to why a server has to reset. It's often a combination of overloaded internal databases, plugin load, player load, player growth rate, map resource and buildable land depletion, broken chunks, corrupted files, corrupted data, plugin and Mojang version updates (often the source of corruption), low memory, ram too expensive to continue adding more as a quick fix to some lag problems generating from over population or other, much more!
-The content Mojang adds to minecraft each update has an exponential impact. The aquatic 1.13 update nearly broke Minecraft, and really did break most third party plugins. It was far more hungry for ram and memory than any update before it. Now with 1.14 and 1.15 out, it's hungrier than ever with all the new content and mechanics.
-Every single new chunk that's generated on the map takes up a significant amount of space. One 16x256x16 chunk - that's over 65,000 blocks to create, check for spawning conditions for each block, biome and mob type in every single one of those block spaces!
-Maps deteriorate; resources run dry in the game. Eventually it becomes nearly impossible to even find a place to build that's not near anyone. Not to mention the map gets so wrecked, it's too ugly to bother playing on!
-Memory and ram are finite resources. Hardware can only process so much information at a time, and overall in the long run! Every single action you make, or your crop growth makes, or the server checks for items coming in and out of hoppers, or a mob spawns out of a spawner or naturally, or even despawns -- that server is processing thousands of checks per second. Much of that data is saved too, in dozens of places. It really adds up over time, especially the more we grow, and the more people join our server!

Consider donating if you'd like to help us expand these expensive resources 🙂

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