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Durion's Staff Application  

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-Full in-game name:

+  _Durion


+  15

-Current rank(s) in game:

+  Wasp (Honeytree) | Imp (Helltree)

-Which proxy server are you primarily wanting to staff on?

+  Helltree

-How often could you be on per week and at what time zone?

+  From 15 hours a week to 45, it depends on whats going on in my home life. (cannot control or have any say in whats going on)

-Experience level - have you been or are you currently staff on other server(s)?

+ No.

-If so, what rank(s) and for how long?


-If so, what duties did/do you have?


-What plugins are you familiar with using from a staff-side perspective?

+ I have not been staff on any server, however i do know how to use WorldEdit!

-Why would you like to be staff on this server?

+  As this is my first time even filling out an application, i feel the need to teach myself the responsibilities of being a staff member. Another purpose for me requesting to join the staff team is to help spread the load on Cali since she has been overworked by the new server. I also love to interact more with the community, its been my dream to help people and those around me. Being a member and sitting around doing nothing except using your resources for my own pleasure doesn't sit well with me, so i would love to become staff on HollowTree, er- Helltree!

-How would you want to improve yourself as staff?

+  Responsibility and being a hard working individual to make myself proud

-How long have you been on Hollowtree?

+ 2 years? i started playing back when 1.12.2 was the biggest thing to exist.

-Any indiscretions (Ever been muted/jailed/banned on Hollowtree)?

+ No. *am good boy*

-For staff applicants: If someone said nasty things to you or about you, family, or friends after you corrected them on a rule, how would you handle it?

Remind them on the rule, firmly tell them what they did and that if they were to do it again/continue/argue back it would result in a temp mute.

-How do you handle working with people who annoy you?

+  I do not get annoyed or angered easily at all, so if were to happen i would suck it up buttercup if it were a staff member of a higher (or same) rank. If it were a non staff member or lower rank, i would kindly inform them that what they are doing is a little bit irritating and to please put a conclusion to their actions and politely tell them a different approach to do the task at hand.

-What's your favorite aspect of minecraft? What do you like to do most when you play?

+  The best aspects of Minecraft is of course the building with redstone integration! The #1 thing i do when i get a neat complex base up and running is i start working on crazy redstone contraptions.

-Give me an example of a time you did something wrong. How did you handle it?

+  I posted a Minecraft meme that i unintentionally offended a lot of LGBT people in the discord, i deleted the post and apologized personally in their dms that i was truly sorry that i had done that and nothing like that would happen again. I cant live with myself knowing that someone was hurt because of me.

-Donated yes/no?

+ Unfortunately no, my parents will not allow this, if i could i would buy at least tier 2 i would!

-What personality traits do you butt heads with?

+ toxicity

-Tell me about a time when you had to give someone difficult feedback. How did you handle it?

+  I have not intentionally given anyone criticism before.

-Do you have any questions for me (Cali) about becoming staff?

+ If i had to deal with a bunch of spoiled 10 year olds on a discord server awhile back should i be set to do staff things?

  I accidentally burned my toast while typing all this 🙁

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